Month of Worthiness

I am enough. Three words that carry and hold so much power over what we believe about ourselves. I have come to realize over the past few months, more so than ever, that perfection is an unattainable goal. We are not designed to be perfect, we are designed to be the best version of ourselves.

We are welcoming March with open arms. The days are getting shorter and lighter and spring is around the corner. Winter always feels long and I have enjoyed breaking up the day with a meditation or yoga class. This has given me hope and a renewed perspective for possibility.

2018 is our year of Radical Self-Acceptance. Our theme for cultivating radical self-acceptance for the month of March is WORTHINESS.

It can be hard to “just be”. Hard to sit still, to come to our mats as we are without wanting to change anything. The world is full of distractions, and lies to us saying that we’re better off if we’re constantly doing rather than being. We are all worthy of love and acceptance. Worthiness isn’t earned and we don’t become worthier based on the decisions that we make or things that we do.


This month we are exploring the Be You Be Yourself inspiration card deck. These cards are designed to support you in your journey of being you. Each card carries action words and positive statements to bring you closer to your inner knowing and deepest desires.

Our special offering will be in-studio from March 19-29. If you bring in someone who has never been to the studio, you both get 50% off any class pack purchased during your visit.


We look forward to seeing you in the studio as we continue to encourage one another on this journey toward greater self-acceptance, one step at a time. Accept your quirks because they are what make you unique. Love your flaws because they often lead you to discover your strengths. You are enough through your highs and lows. The struggles and successes are a part of your journey. Use them as strength to push forward and know that you are enough just the way you are, in this very moment.