Month of Creativity


Happy April friends. After a very long, cold, and cloudy winter, we are finding so much joy in the sunnier days and warmer temperatures. 

2018 is our year of Radical Self-Acceptance, and for the month of April we’re exploring CREATIVITY.  Creativity is an act of the imagination; the bringing forth of something that has never existed before. If you are alive, you are a creative person. Creativity is not limited to things we typically think of…painting or drawing - creating can be journaling, cooking, sending an encouraging text to a friend, making a beautiful bed with fluffy pillows. Creative acts are those acts that bring your soul to life…the specific and particular way YOU bring more beauty to the world and happiness to your heart. The act of creating is inherently healing and restorative. Creativity is directly correlated to an increased feeling of well-being, positivity, and a sense of purpose and meaning (Positive Psychology). Take the risk and do the thing!

This month we’re reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, "As long as I'm still moving in that direction---toward wonder--then I know I will always be fine in my soul, which is where it counts. And since creativity is still the most effective way for me to access wonder, I choose it.” 

Who you are in this moment is enough. It’s okay to love both who you are and who you are becoming. You can become an active force in CREATING the life you want. See you at the studio.

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