Month of Happiness

Summer! Longer days. Vitamin D. Outdoor living. We love opening the windows to our studio rooms and letting the fresh air and sun pour into the space.

At Solstice, 2018 is our year of Radical Self-Acceptance. Each month we’re focusing on a different theme to help cultivate self-acceptance. June’s theme is HAPPINESS. This month we’re reading Hardwiring Happiness by neuropsychologist Dr. Rick Hanson.

Our brains are hardwired to respond faster and more intensely to negative thoughts and experiences. This negativity bias is, in part, what has kept us alive– when our ancestors were learning what foods to eat and what animals were predators or prey it was critical to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to the things that could cause us harm. Now - we’re not being chased by lions and I’m pretty sure Save-On doesn’t stock poisonous berries, but when we’re stressed, busy, anxious, or worried our bodies react and respond as if we are under threat.

I actually find this refreshingly reassuring. When I’m struggling with negative self-talk or feeling like I can’t manage all the frustrating thoughts running through my mind I can step back and understand that part of it is just how my brain is. As Dr. Hanson says, “the brain is an organ that learns, so it is designed to be changed by your experiences. Whatever we repeatedly sense and feel and want and think is slowly but surely sculpting neural structures.” Which means, we can actively do something to change our negative programming. We have the power to rewire our brain’s negativity bias to live a happier life. With mindfulness practices, we can build new neural pathways and create positive changes in thinking at a cellular level. It doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. From Hardwiring Happiness, “by taking just a few extra seconds to stay with a positive experience—even the comfort in a single breath—you’ll help turn a passing mental state into lasting neural structure."

Our special event this month is SUMMER SOLSTICE. Join us on the rooftop of the Innovation Centre June 21st at 7pm for an energizing and enlivening yoga class followed by charcuterie and a speciality cocktail at Perch. Ticket price is $35 and all proceeds go to the Foundry in support of mental health interventions for adolescents in our community. Space is limited, buy now online or in the studio.

We are excited to announce Rooftop Yoga! Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30am (from the end of June to the end of September) we will be offering yoga on the rooftop of the Innovation Centre. The views are incredible! We can’t wait to share the space with you.

Happiness can be created one moment at a time. Pausing to intentionally look out the window, noticing the bright green of the leaves on a tree, really enjoying the wrinkles around the eyes of someone when they smile. You have within you the very thing you need to cultivate a little bit more happiness today.