October - Yoga Sutra 2.33


t feels like fall came in a fury. Temperatures shifting overnight. Leaves changing and dropping in the chilled breeze. Right now, Doyle Avenue is lit up with bright yellow as the trees transition in their beauty. One of the special things about living in a place with seasons is the invitation for our bodies and minds to follow nature’s lead. Crisper weather asks us to slow down and warm up, shorter days remind us to appreciate the sun.

At Solstice, we are spending the year exploring the Yoga Sutras. Sutras are the philosophical basis for the practice of yoga. The sutra for October is 2.33 – When negative thoughts present themselves, cultivate and think the opposite thoughts. 

Just like when we are driving a car or riding a bike, where we focus our attention is where we go. The body follows the eyes, the mind follows the thoughts. One of the most powerful things about a mindfulness practice (either through yoga or meditation) is the opportunity to notice where our attention goes, creating a little pause between reacting and responding. It is not the negative thoughts themselves that are a problem – we all have negative thoughts, life can be hard! It is what we choose to do with those thoughts. Do we attach to them? Follow them off the road? Or do we take that little space between noticing and acting and choose a different way? Sutra 2.33 reminds us that we always have a choice. We can decide to live with more ease and cultivate positive state of mind. It starts with noticing. Moves through pausing. And ends with creating the response we want. 


We have some very special events coming up this month. Cozy in with us and enjoy!

Luminous Radiance: A Mediation Workshop with Kristine Doiron 
Saturday October 19th ï 2-4:30pm

Meditation promotes relaxation, presence, and overall well-being. An ancient tool that has been used for thousands of years to encourage inner peace, meditation is also a remedy for modern life and a way to find more space and ease within your day to day. This workshop will discuss the roots and philosophy behind meditation, as well as the science that is supporting its use for mental and physical vitality. During our time together, we will move through a restorative practice to support comfort in a guided, awareness-based meditation, and discuss ways to weave meditation into your daily life. This workshop will support an existing meditation practice and could also be a way to begin if you are newer to it. Investment is $45 per person, $40 for members. Space is limited, book now at the studio or through MindBody. 

Friday October 25th ï 7-8:30pm

Feelosophy - a small, intimate, restorative yoga class with safe, supportive hands-on touch to help you become more connected with your body and to create a space for communities to gather and talk about touch. Drew Hertz, and her Feelosophy trained team, will lead you through a chill yoga practice mixed with relaxing, massage-based adjustments. Each class uses introspective questions and music set to an intention, offering you space and permission to slow down and feel. Expect good tunes, deep conversation, and all the touch you crave. Limited spots, so register early to save your space. A small class size ensures each person gets the most attention and adjustment time. Investment is $40 per person, $35 for members.

Reiki and Restore 
Sunday October 27th ï 3-4:30pm

We invite you to join Drew Hertz and Marissa Young for an evening of restoration and healing through the mediums of yin yoga and reiki. The practice itself will be restorative by nature, integrating energy healing to balance the energetic centers and clear any residual blockages held in the body. There will be a lot of hands-on adjustments in this practice, so we invite you to come open to receiving the medicine. Investment is $40 per person, $35 for members. Space is limited, book now at the studio or through MindBody. 

Please note: purchases for special events are non-refundable. 

Thanksgiving Weekend

We will be closed Monday, October 14th for the holiday. 

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” – Melody Beattie

See you on the mat.