August - Yoga Sutra 1.39

Hot days. Laugh filled nights. Finding excuses to leave work early so we can sit on a sunny patio for a few extra hours. August. We just walked back to the studio from lunch, a literally 2-minute walk across the street, as we enjoyed the heat toasting our skin, breeze lifting small butterflies and carrying lake Okanagan’s watery scent. 

Summer can sometimes feel like it moves too quickly. Days that race by as we try to squeeze out every last bit of the season. Instead of clinging, we can simply pause. Notice. Be present to each moment as it is happening. Notice what you notice and feel what you feel. The sun on your skin. The feeling of sand under your feet. The way an icy drink tastes in the heat. 

The Yoga Sutra we are exploring in August is, Sutra 1.39 - When we focus on one thing the mind becomes stable. By bringing stability to the mind, we become more present, more in our own lives. This focus can be as quiet as noticing the breath in yoga or a phrase in meditation. It can be setting an intention toward gratitude before getting out of bed in the morning. It can even be as simple as noticing the butterflies as you walk back from lunch. 

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Sunday August 11th from 5-7pm, you are invited to a special Feelosophy experience with Drew Hertz.  Feelosophy is a small, intimate, restorative yoga class with safe, supportive hands-on touch to help you become more connected with your body and to create a space for communities to gather and talk about touch. Drew, and her Feelosophy trained team, will lead you through a chill yoga practice mixed with relaxing, massage-based adjustments. Each class uses introspective questions and music set to an intention, offering you space and permission to slow down and feel. Expect good tunes, deep conversation, and all the touch you crave. Limited spots, so register early to save your space. A small class size ensures each person gets the most attention and adjustment time. Investment is $40 + tax. Book now in studio or by following the link below. For more information on Feelospohy and Drew, please click below: 

Rooftop Yoga

Rooftop Yoga has quickly become one of our favourites! Fresh air, sunshine, and panoramic views of lake Okanagan make for a beautiful start to the day. We’re only running these classes for a few more weeks, so make sure you check it out soon! Join us every Monday and Wednesday at 7:30am and every Friday at 6:30am. Just added: SATURDAY at 9:15am! All rooftop classes are a 60-minute all-levels flow class on the 7th floor of the Innovation Centre. Please make sure you dress for the weather, bring lots of water, and your own mat.

September Long Weekend 

Please note our modified schedule for the long weekend: 

Friday August 30th – 6:30am, 9:15am, 12:15pm Fitness and Foundations 

Saturday August 31st – 9:15am Rooftop Yoga and 10:30am Foundations

Monday September 2nd – 9:15am Rooftop Yoga and 10:30am Foundations

“Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.” –  Jenny Han

With love and gratitude. See you on the mat!