September - Yoga Sutra 2.16

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Happy September! It is beginning to cool down in the evenings and darkness is lingering just a little bit longer in the morning. We can start to sense fall coming, bringing with it new routines and changes. 

The Yoga Sutra we are exploring for September is Sutra 2.16 – Yoga encourages us to do the work now to avoid future suffering. Yoga is both a physical and mental practice. Physically, when we show up on our mat 

we are taking care of our bodies in a way that sets us up for a lifetime of positive health outcomes. A consistent yoga practice has been shown to help ease low back pain, improve balance and mobility, support quality sleep and the immune system. 
Mentally, when we show up in our bodies

we are taking care of our minds in a way that supports movement toward a more easeful way of being. A consistent mindfulness practice creates new neuropathways in the brain that lead to more empathy, more compassion, increased levels of creativity and productivity, and less stress.  Leaning into a challenging yoga practice creates the capacity, both mentally and physically, to lean into challenging areas of life with more confidence, resilience, and gentleness for ourselves and each other. All that benefit from just a few hours a week commitment! 

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New Schedule 

We are so excited to officially announce our new schedule, starting September 3rd!  We have added some fun new class styles, giving you the opportunity to dive a little further into your practice. You can check out the full schedule through MindBody. 

A couple of small changes:

Brain Break has been renamed Meditation. This is the same 30-minute mindfulness-based class focusing on stress management and contentment. Meditation is offered every day Monday-Friday at 11:30am and 12:15pm (please note the new start time). Take a little break in the middle of your day to refresh and refocus your mind. 

Fitness Yoga has been renamed Power Flow. You’ll experience the same great steady paced flow you’re used to, focusing on building strength and endurance. Power flow classes explore more complicated sequences and challenging postures. 

Big drum roll for our new offerings:

Flow & Unwind: The best of both worlds! The first half of this class is a powerful, moving flow followed by long holds in gentle, restorative postures.

Meditation & Movement: Slow moving yoga flow with short periods of meditation woven throughout the class. 

Did you know two of Solstice’s teachers are also certified Pilates instructors? We’re now offering Yoga Pilates Fusion. This class is a medium level yoga flow combined with mat Pilates. Focusing on flexibility, strength, stability, and deep core awareness. 

We can’t wait for you to try the new classes! Check them out and tell us what you think. 

September Long Weekend

Please note our modified schedule for the long weekend: 

Friday August 30th – 6:30am, 9:15am, 12:15pm Fitness and Foundations 

Saturday August 31st – 9:15am Rooftop Yoga and 10:30am Foundations

Monday September 2nd – 9:15am Rooftop Yoga and 10:30am Foundations

"Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.” — Jason Crandell

With love and gratitude. See you on the mat.