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Brittany Skusek
Yoga Teacher

Brittany Skusek completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2012 at UBC Okanagan. Yoga has been part of her life for more than 12 years and it has helped her overcome various ailments from sports injuries and car accidents. With her background in Nursing and completion of her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Mocean Yoga in 2017, Brittany feels she has a great understanding of the human body. Her passion lies with helping others overcome their limitations by guiding them through a safe practice focused on postural alignment and personal body awareness. Brittany hopes students leave her classes feeling empowered and more connected to their bodies.


Debra Sieben
Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher

Debra Sieben has her Diploma in Applied Psychology and Counselling from the Kelowna College of Professional Counselling. The years of long days working in both corporate and independent businesses made Debra realize the need to find a method to maintain calmness in daily chaos. This led her to study various methods of yoga: Hatha/Raja, Sattva, Integrative Therapy, Restorative, Faithful flow, Meditation and Yin yoga. Her focus as a teacher is to inspire and assist students in finding balance, calmness in the chaos, mind-body-breath connection, and an awareness of the possibilities that can come from the practice of yoga.

Hannah MacLennan
Director of Operations, Studio Manager

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Drew Hertz
Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher

Drew Hertz teaches yoga and mindfulness practices to empower people to explore what it feels like to be in their body. She completed her first 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2016 with Mocean Yoga. Since then, her thirst for knowledge and growth has lead her from Vinyasa to Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings, with an emphasis on hands on touch. Drew is a licensed Feelosophy teacher, has studied Yin yoga with Danielle Hoogenboom, and has mentored closely with Alli Shafer in Vinyasa sequencing. Her classes are a fine balance between strength and softness, full of clear alignment cues, and creative sequencing. She keeps it light with her playful, yet grounding energy, and finds a way to weave real-life lessons and ancient yoga teachings within her offering. Drew is known for her bad ass playlists and for being unapologetically herself in hopes that her vulnerability inspires others to be themselves. When Drew isn't on her mat, she enjoys being under the sun and spending time with friends and family.

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Jenna Smith
Yoga Teacher

Jenna Smith was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba where she practiced as a Registered Massage Therapist. She moved to Kelowna with her hubbie and 2 pups in November 2017 and quickly fell in love with the Okanagan lifestyle; getting out in nature and exploring different hikes as much as possible. Growing up as a competitive athlete she almost always felt restricted in her body and thought that it was “normal” and that she just “wasn’t flexible”. Her yoga journey began at a local gym, finding yin and restorative yoga to be a wonderful compliment to her physically demanding days. It didn’t take long for her to realize that yoga was so much more than just the physical practice, putting her on a path of diving deeper into the complexities of the human body and every aspect that creates us as a whole. Knowing she wanted to take her practice to the next level, she serendipitously found Mocean Yoga. It was the exact 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training she had been searching for, focused on building integrity from a solid foundation that allows you to safely find your fullest expression, in yoga and in life. She’s a lifelong student and is excited to continue to learn and grow herself; desiring to empower others to do the same by creating a safe and accessible space for each person to do their unique work. A firm believer that yoga is for everybody and every body, she loves using props and is beyond excited to share her knowledge helping to make your practice fit YOU and YOUR body, not the other way around.


Julia Lalach
Director of Business Development, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher

Julia Lalach was born and raised in Kelowna. She completed her Bachelor of Business degree from Okanagan College in June 2018. As a former dancer, she found expression through movement, and quickly fell in love with the practice of yoga. Looking to develop her practice further, she completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua, with Mocean Yoga.  The practice has taught her strength, confidence, mindfulness, and compassion. She learned the importance of moving through the flow of life with an open heart and an open mind.

Katelyn Wood.JPG

Katelyn Wood
Yoga Teacher

Katelyn Wood first became interested in yoga almost ten years ago and, like many people, she was drawn to the physical practice. Having been a competitive athlete all her life, she hoped that yoga would help to preserve her body so that she could continue being active. However, Katelyn quickly realized that yoga is so much more than just a physical practice. By connecting breath with movement, she discovered the ability to turn down her noisy mind and experience a world that was free from self-talk and outside distractions. She completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Tina Gokstorp at Osoyoga in London, ON, followed a few years later by her Journey Into Power Level 1 with Baron Baptiste in New York. Having completed both a Master’s and a PhD in Exercise Physiology, Katelyn teaches with a focus on integrity, alignment, and safety of both body and mind. Katelyn continues to grow her teaching and personal practice while also taking full advantage of the Okanagan lifestyle by running, skiing, and enjoying the outdoors with her husband every chance she gets. She looks forward to greeting the Solstice community on their mats!

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Katlyn Furman
Yoga Teacher

Katlyn Furman was first drawn to yoga 12 years ago and completed her first teacher training not long after. In both her personal practice and as a teacher, Katlyn explores the many facets of yoga and meditation. She has extensive experience in Pilates and rehab work and integrates that knowledge in her teaching by creating safe and accessible movement that supports growth and empowerment. Over the past 5 years, she has had the opportunity to cofacilitate teacher trainings for Yoga and Pilates both locally and internationally, which is one of her biggest passions. When not teaching, Katlyn can be found with her many plant babies at home, making tinctures in the kitchen, and playing in the forest or near the water. Her 2 children and their furbaby are her favourite companions.

Lindsay. Gwartney.png

Lindsay Gwartney
Support Staff

Lindsay Gwartney was raised in Kelowna. She loves the Okanagan lifestyle and everything it has to offer including outdoor adventures, sipping wine on the patio in the summer, and riding her bike around town. She also loves to travel. Lindsay has many years of customer service experience. She always ready to greet you with a friendly smile at the front desk.

Lucie. Eger.jpeg

Lucie Eger
Yoga Teacher

Yoga has been a constant in Lucie’s life throughout many crazy changes. Lucie’s practice has kept her grounded through her University studies. The paper-thin mat strapped to her backpack feels like a little piece of home during her travels. One of many things Lucie loves about yoga is that it meets you exactly where you are, yet with so much room for exploration and growth. She first found her way onto the mat over eight years ago, just after moving to Kelowna from a tiny town with a high cow population in southern Germany. She completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at the Vancouver school of Healing Arts and taught her first ever class in 2015. Lucie feels incredibly lucky to be able to share something she is so passionate about and to be able to make a difference in a small, yet meaningful way. To Lucie, yoga is a constant reminder that the goal is never perfection. Her mat offers opportunities to cultivate nourishing qualities she can take with her outside of its four corners. Some days, it’s just a quiet place to be. Whatever it is you enter the studio needing, Lucie’s hope is that you will leave feeling fulfilled. No judgments, no expectations.

Maegan Merrifield.jpg

Maegan Merrifield
Owner, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher

Maegan Merrifield is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga and meditation teacher. She has a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology, and uses that background to integrate mindfulness and embodiment into her classes. Maegan believes in creating spaces for people to approach themselves with compassion and radical self-acceptance. Through yoga, she has come to know that it is okay to love both who you are and who you are becoming. When not teaching, Maegan loves a good neuropsychology fun fact, cosmic cookies from Bean Scene, and head massages in savasana.


Natalie Bishop
Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher

Natalie Bishop completed her Master of Science in Occupational Therapy at the University of Alberta following a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science from the University of Saskatchewan. She completed her 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training from Eddie Modestini and Nicki Doane in Maui, U.S.A.  She went on to further her training, studying the Professional Yoga Therapy Method, (PYT) founded by Ginger Garner which focuses on the use of yoga as a therapeutic modality by health care professionals. After completing over 12,000 hours of post-graduate training and a decade of observing yoga’s great potential to heal in therapeutic practice, Natalie is dedicated to sharing yoga through compassion and kindness.

Nikki. Jinks.jpg

Nikki Jinks
Yoga Teacher

Nikki Jinks is a yoga teacher and fitness instructor with a degree in Human Kinetics. After spending six years dabbling in and out of yoga, her love for the practice blossomed during a trip to Bali in 2012, and a few years later she completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Kelowna. Nikki is also trained in Trauma Informed Yoga and Rocket Yoga. With Kinesiology as the foundation, you can expect an alignment-based class with options along the way to expand your practice. Nikki offers the opportunity to move intuitively while offering creative sequences rooted in pranayama and a few laughs along the way. When she’s not teaching yoga, you can find Nikki teaching fitness classes in Kelowna, on a coffee date with a friend, or soaking in the outdoors with her fur-child, Lou.


Rachel Sacharuk
Yoga Teacher

Rachel Sacharuk has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, so cares passionately about alignment during asana practice. She completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Kelowna with Oranj fitness and is currently completing her Neu Yoga therapy training. She encourages her students to mindfully create space within their body to strengthen and heal wherever needed. She is dedicated to guiding people to truly connect to their personal yoga practice whether it be internal, external, on or off the mat.

Tessa. Murray.jpg

Tessa Murray
Yoga Teacher

Tessa Murray has been lucky to be share yoga for the past 7 years with an amazing, diverse community of people. She was first drawn to yoga while in high school as a great balance to her passions of riding horses and fitness training. It didn’t take long for her to find out how many more benefits she would receive beyond the physical ones. Tessa took Yoga Teacher Training in 2010 and it became her full-time job in 2012. She has had the privilege to practice and train in many styles of yoga and discover what yoga means for her. Tessa teaches in a safe, creative, accessible, and empowering way. Yoga has brought balance to Tessa’s life in so many ways, physically, mentally, and energetically. She believes yoga can give us the tools to get the most out of life and be comfortable with discomfort all sorts.

Vashti Sullivan.png

Vashti Sullivan
Yoga Teacher

Vashti Sullivan completed a Diploma in Human Service Work at Okanagan College in 2014. Following graduation, she felt overwhelmed and uncertain and longed for something more. Soon after, she found the practice of yoga, an opportunity for inner stillness, transformation and mind-body connection. In 2017, she completed her first 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua with Mocean Yoga. She went on to complete Restorative Teacher training in 2018 and is committed to life long learning. Vashti strives to offer an accessible and reflective yoga practice for her students. She believes in empowerment of choice and that there is no wrong way to move.

Kristi Taylor
Yoga Teacher

Kristi Taylor has been lucky enough to share yoga for the past ten years. She came to love the benefits of yoga at age 13 when she was riddled with anxiety and lack of energy. Yoga quickly alleviated her difficulty sleeping and later helped her understand her anxiety. This truly is the tip of the iceberg on how yoga has helped Kristi access more ease and peace of mind. For Kristi, yoga has become a platform to offer tools to mitigate suffering and decrease future suffering. This is not to say no misfortune occurs, however, being mindful of your choices and your perspective is powerful. With 200 hours of Power Yoga training from Shift Power Yoga and 50 hours of Yin with Bernie Clark, she has taught a wide range of yoga styles. The blend of yin and yang provides attention for all aspects and systems of the body. Kristi is often asked how to bring yoga into everyday life. In addition to finding a teacher you trust, she recommends self-study. The yoga sutras are a wonderful guide to living a meaningful life with purpose and consideration to all living entities. Her favourite translation, which has given her tremendous guidance, is The Path of the Yoga Sutras by Nicholai Bachman. Happy practicing!


Shylie Fox
Yoga Teacher

Shylie Fox first tried yoga in 2010. The movement spoke to her body unlike anything before and the effect that it had on her, both physically and mentally, changed her life. Shylie’s first yoga teacher training was vinyasa training with breathwork in 2014 in Bali with Naía Life and the Jhennviev Heartt. She has since travelled across the world to do trainings and workshops with some amazing teachers, including Ryan Leier, Max Strom, Gloria Latham, Janet stone, and Shiva Rea. Shylie most recently completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Saskatoon. Shylie loves the continuous study, the constant evolving, and knowledge that she will always be a student of this ancient wisdom, art, and way of life. Her classes are heart centred and playful, with an invitation to for the student to connect to their inner world and explore themselves in the present moment. Shylie believes yoga is for the mind, body and soul.